Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz !!!

        Chapter 13: “The Five Friends”:

    One day, they all ( Dorothy, Tin Man, The Lion and Scarecrow ) started to cry, and the scarecrow, decided to return to the Emerald City, and talk with the Wizard of Oz. Then, the four friends started to walk, on the Brick Road Yellow. Then, Glinda appeared and started to walk too. At night, they all slept in the forest. In the morning a powerful tornado appeared, and they couldn´t walk to the Emerald City. Then, the tornado desappeared and they started to walk, but theycouldn´t walk, because Glinda couldn´t walk. The other witch appeared and took Glinda, to her castle. The four friends made a plan, and a bird walk too. In the forest, there is a great river with many fish. Is very beautiful: said Dorothy. Dorothy went to the river. The four friends jumped the river and started to swim. Then, they went to the Emerald City, and the guard opened the door. The Wizard of Oz started to cry. He didn´t have friends, and Dorothy said, that helped to the four friends to rescue to Glinda. At night, they went to the castle and with the help of the axe of Tin Man, opened the door, and saw Glinda. Glinda opened the eyes and saw the four friends, and started to walk to the castle, and jumped through a windows. They all started to walk to Kansas and the Wizard of Oz, too. In the house of Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz, worked to made a house very beautiful and strong, for a strong tornado.

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