Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Museum Picasso !!!

      - The last Thursday, We went to the Museum Picasso in Málaga. We went to the train station and there we took the tickets. when the train came mounted in the train and we went to Málaga.When we come we went to walking Malaga. When we come to the cathedral we start having breakfast. When we end we went to the museum. When we come to the museum we separate in two groups, and leave the bag and the jackets in the ticket offices. When entering the Museum, we began to see the pictures. They were very nice and abstract. Some tables does not have form, but they were very nice. When we talked about the pictures, we had that do so in English. When we finished the class, we went to buy things in the shop, and we went to pick up bags. Then we went to the train to come to Torremolinos. We come to the school and from there each one you went to his house.
    • I like this travel and I would like to repeat it.


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