Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I Feel Good !!!

1.What's your favourite song?
- My Favourite song is " Someone Like You " by Adele.

3.What is it about?
-This song It´s about a girl in love with a boy, but this boy is married with another girl

4.How do you feel when you listen to it?
- When I listen this song I feel sad because I can happen in my future.

5.Have a look at YOUTUBE comments and copy here the ones you find more interesting.
- Comments 1: People don't know how it feels, when someone breaks your heart - so sad.
- Comments 2: People dont know who is adele.
- Comments 3: Never ever got bored hearing and singing this song!
- Comments 4: OMG !!!

6.The Figures of Speech or Rhetorical speech can make laguage more powerful.Can you find any of these in your song?
I found:

Anaphora: 'Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead,'
Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead.
Metaphor: Bound by the surprise of our glory days
Metonymy: Nothing I heard that you're settled down,You know how the time flies,Compares.
Personification: I heard that you're settled down,You know how the time flies.

Questions to Alex

1. What is the best mountain in Alabama ?
- The best mountain in Alabama is " The Mount Cheaha " in " The Appalachian Mountains".

2. What is the largest city by poulation of Alabama ?
- The largest city by population is Birmingham.

3. Which is the capital of Alabama?
- The Capital of Alabama is " Montgomery ".

4. What is the sport more procticed in Alabama ?
- The sport more practiced in Alabama are " Rugby " and " Baseball ".

5. Where is located Alabama ?
- Alabama is located in the southeast of United States. To the North it is bordered
by Tennessee, to the South by Florida, on the east by Georgia and on the west by the


Trivial of Animals

- His colours are white and grey. Is a small fish that live in the sea, we eat in the restaurant and is a typic food of " La Costa del Sol ".

- Her colors are depending on their race. Many have her pet, and its size evolves from more small to more big. He said " MIAU".

- Her colours are depending on the race. Many have her pet, and its size evolves from more small to more big. He said " GUAU".
- Her colour is red with points black. Her size is very small. Has six legs.

- They can be of colours: Brown, white or black. Its size is large. It has four legs and has a very hairy and black tail.

- Her colour is black. Has two ants, has six legs and her size is very very very small, but are very strong because they can six times with the same weight.

- Her colours can be: white or grey. Its size is small, with very long teeth. They eat carrot and it is the pet of many people.

- Her colours is grey, her size is small. They has very long teeth, and they eat cheeses, and live in small holes.

- Her colours are, blue and green. They have a tail that seems a very large range when it opens. They have a peak and its size is normal.

- Her colour are green and yellow. Her size is small. They live in the river. They said " CROACK ", They have a very long tongue, and with her eat flies.
                                           MARIO VALIENTE VALIENTE 2ยบ A