Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Journey in El Chorro

- Last Monday, we went to "EL CHORRO". We went to the main entrance of the school "IES LOS MANANTIALES", and wait the teacher and when the teacher arrived she checked the class register and when we saw that iall the class was there we went to the bus .

- It took us 45 minutes To arrive and when we left the bus we saw, many trees, very high mountains, large caves, and a very big reservoir where you can swim and go on boats.
- We went to visit "EL CHORRO" inside and its surroundings. Everything was very nice. We went through all the caves, and we boarded a stone to see the resevoir from there. Nearby there were some rocks, and we started to eat our breakfast. After 30 minutes of breakfast, we climbed a high mountain, we saw many rocks, plants and mountains with erosion. When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we saw all "EL CHORRO" from above, and we liked all. After 30 minutes, we saw all the park and took many photos. Then, we went down the mountain and, we went to the toilets, and after 5 minutes, we went to the resevoir to take a bath. After 1 hour of bathing , we walk to the pier, where we went On the boats. After 45 minutes we left and we change our clothes. finally, we return de to the bus and the school, we went home.
I really enjoyed this trip and I would like to repeat it.

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